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meet the maker


kaira is the sole designer and sewist behind slow barn. 

slow barn began as “lovingalls” in late 2018 in Humboldt County,California. The passion for funky wares made with a hodgepodge of found fabrics flourished when the roomy top floor of an old barn in 2019 was offered as a space to create and live. “slow” encapsulates the slow clothes philosophy, the antithesis of the chemical ridden, unethically mass manufactured,  planned obsolescence of the mainstream fashion industry.


this clothing is intended to last, to be an investment piece of consciously sourced wearable art while honoring all bodies shapes and sizes. the base fabrics are mainly organic bamboo and organic hemp sourced from reputable companies. the accent fabrics have been collected for the past five years from yard sales, grandma's attics, vintage stores , free piles, re-use art supply stores, etc. . many of the patches offered are collaborations with talented friends. 

each pair takes approximately four to six hours to design, cut, and sew. an industrial juki serger is used, creating a seriously strong seam! thank you for appreciating!

currently creating in Taos, New Mexico .


north country fair, 2019, 2022, 2023 Arcata, CA

gravenstein apple fair 2022, 2023 Sebastopol, CA 

hog farm hideaway 2023 Laytonville, CA

whole earth festival 2023 Sacramento, CA

kate wolf festival 2022 Laytonville, CA

days between festival 2022 Laytonville, CA


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